another sandwich is born

So even though I planned to post something new every day during the fast, I didn’t really plan what I would make each day. That means…another sandwich for dinner. This isn’t a recipe, just an idea. I used water packed extra firm (NOT silken) tofu that I’d frozen and thawed a couple days ago. If I had planned ahead, I would’ve marinated the tofu over night after pressing the water out of it. But I didn’t. So.

I started by pressing the tofu between two plates to get the water out. It’s pretty sturdy after it’s been frozen, so you don’t have to worry too much about it crumbling (just don’t get carried away!). Then I sauteed maybe 1/3 cup roughly sliced onions in a small sauce pan in olive oil about 1/4″ deep. I wanted them to cook until they were almost translucent, to get a nice flavor in the oil. About halfway through I threw in a quartered clove of garlic. Then…

I put the tofu on top, sprinkled it with salt and pepper and cooked each side until it started to brown slightly. It absorbed some of the oil, which meant it also absorbed some of that flavor and stayed moist inside. Then I removed the tofu, drained it between two plates again (over the pan) and threw it in a frying pan to get it nice and brown on all sides. Meanwhile, I added yellow bell peppers and tomatoes to the onions & garlic. Even though I used pretty much the same ingredients again today, cooking the veggies gives it a totally different flavor.


I had to use plain old pita again, too. Two kinds of mustard & tahini spread inside and sprinkled with salt. Stuffed it with a little of everything, and…a sandwich was born.

I know, I have to get better at photographing food.

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