GreenMax: 3 minute breakfast, calorie count & nutritional value

I am regularly teased for my addiction to Green Max, an instant beverage/cereal I found at a local Asian market. I have it for breakfast every work day. I started buying it because of the nutritional value, but I admit it pretty much looks like green-gray sludge. It tastes better than it looks, though, and it is perfectly Lenten and couldn’t be easier to make.

Even though I usually combine two packets, it’s still under 250 calories. I just fill my mug halfway with water and heat it in the microwave for about 1 minute, then stir in the powdered mix. Voila. Today I had my favorite combo, Hakka Pestle Cereal and Black Soybean with Matcha (green tea). Nutritional value:

Hakka Pestle Cereal and Black Soybean & Matcha, respectively

calories, 98 /110
grams of fat, 3.1/0.9
grams of carbs, 13.3/24
grams of dietary fiber, 8.8/1.8
grams of sugar, 2.8/6.9
grams of protein, 4/1.5
vitamin C, 1%/12%
vitamin A, 0%/15.8%
iron, 13%/10%
calcium, 70%/16.8% (86.8% total, all in my first meal of the day??!?!!!)***

The other thing I like about Green Max is it’s made almost entirely of nuts, seeds, grains and vegetables. There’s a little sugar added, but even combining two packets it’s less than a bowl of most cereals. Plus I love their oddly translated slogan, “Make healthy, beautiful wish!”
***Please see my second post regarding the nutritional content of GreenMax. Unfortunately, it looks like the calcium content has been changed (not sure if the formula changed, or if there was/is a misprint on the packaging).

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