midnight snack: vegan nachos

I really was popping these vegan nachos in the microwave right at midnight last night. Ideally I would have baked them, but…it was midnight. I used some of my leftover beans from the Mexican pizza, and daiya cheese left from the mushroom & onion pizza.


Same onion/tomato/bell pepper toppings as I used on the Mexican pizza, too.

Image Image

Usually I am very meticulous about the beans. I spread them over each chip, one at a time, with the back of a spoon. I like them to be completely covered! It was too late for all that, though. I don’t know if all faux cheese shreds taste alike or what, but when I use the mozzarella for nachos, I can’t tell the difference. Maybe it’s because I covered it in hot sauce. One thing about the microwave, the cheese doesn’t melt nearly as well as a super hot oven.

I also see this morning that someone found my blog by searching for “how to make vegemite sunflower seeds,” and I have two hits from Australia. Haha, that is so awesome! I have no idea what vegemite sunflower seeds are, but I plan to find out. If you’re still reading, Australia, I hope I’ll have something for you soon.

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