dining out: vegan, lebanese


I did not cook last night, I went out for Lebanese instead: Falafel sandwich with veggies (including pickles, that was new to me), hummus, garlic sauce & fries. The fries aren’t technically Lebanese, but most Arabs do love all things French, so it’s close enough. I love hummus with fries, and stuffing fries in the sandwich and dipping that in hummus is a very good idea, too.

The garlic sauce is made from fresh garlic, jalapeno juice, lemon, olive oil and sea salt. It’s REALLY good, but don’t try to kiss anyone after eating even just a little. Unless you have one of those Colgate throw-away toothbrushes. Then you can be like that chick in the commercial who spots a cute guy at the bar, quickly brushes her teeth and then grabs the stranger and starts making out with him. But I don’t recommend that, it sounds like a good way to catch something.

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  1. I had yum sandwich like that…but w/ spicy, pickled peppers, pickled beets and tahini sauce…oh & French fries were already on it.

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