I’m back! kind of

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I’m back from Marshall. Food-wise I packed a lot into last 30 or so hours – my grandma showed me her quick recipe for beans and rice. Mother and I baked banana bread and, this morning, used the leftovers to make vegan French toast. We went to a tapas restaurant for my birthday lunch, then stopped to have a picnic of tea sandwiches and apple slices in a little old cemetery on our ride home.

After dropping off Mother Dear, I visited a friend who gifted me some peanut butter hummus (seriously) and loaded couscous. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. Tonight, enjoy these pictures of the glorious Brooks Memorial Fountain, a lovely Greek revival structure, featuring a color light show every late spring & summer evening. I heart this fountain.

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  1. I thought the fountain looked like a tiered cake at first! What is your grandma’s quick recipe for beans and rice?

    • Hi, BFF! Everything I mentioned above will be featured in the next couple posts, including the beans & rice! I just had so many pictures, by the time I finished uploading them last night it was too late for me to do a real post on all the food. I will catch up over the next couple days, though.

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