grandma’s super fast black beans & rice

So, there was a little miscommunication Sunday night. Mother was supposed to tell grandma we’d be in Marshall for dinner, but she accidentally told her “we’ll show up whenever.” So, we showed up after everyone had just finished eating little burned hot dogs at the cabin, but as soon as we all got back to the house grandma was ready to feed us in 10 minutes.

Now I’m not gonna lie, you won’t get the same black beans & rice in 10 minutes that you might get when you spend an hour or two cooking. But this is full of yummy stuff, and if you are super hungry and want to eat NOW this should do the trick.

We cooked the 5 Minute brown rice (for 5 minutes), then added a can of drained black beans. Season with taco bell seasoning mix, to taste. Add as much salsa as you want.

We threw on some red onions. Mumra likes them raw, but if I hadn’t been so hungry I would’ve sauteed them in oil. Then I would’ve added the onions, and all the oil they were cooked in, to the mix. I would also recommend eating this with tortilla chips, or if you want to keep it oil free for a fasting day, add some diced avocado for fat. Corn would also be a nice addition.

Meet my mother. This is her arm & fork.

The meal as-is is not only fast, it is fat free. Fat free and I have a love/hate relationship, but we get along all right sometimes. I guess this is one of those times.

Tomorrow I’ll post the banana bread recipe along with my experiment for banana bread French toast!



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  1. “Mumra” would like for it to be known that Gma told her to “show up whenever”, after mum told her “We’ll be there for dinner, but I’m not sure of an exact time.”

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