birthday lunch at Zarzuela in Marshall + cemetery picnic

Zarzuela Spanish Tapas Restaurant, Marshall, MI

Lovely restaurant full of color. First of all, you might notice some of these plates look awfully big for tapas. I will list the prices for the items because it seems sometimes you get a big bang for your buck, and sometimes just a little pop.

We started off with Aceitunas Alinadas, Spanish olives marinated in some sort of oil & vinegar with garlic and herbs, $4. Next, Pan Tomaca. The tomato spread is made with garlic, olive oil and fresh parsley. For the price ($4.50) I would suggest they start serving double the tomato stuff. As it is, you are paying approximately $1.12 for each slice of bread with hardly enough tomato for each piece. The spread is really, REALLY good, though! I’m going to try to make it at home. The olives had a strong vinegar taste and reminded me of A1, but no one else thought so. I love A1.

Next, Esparragos Al Vapor, aka Steamed Asparagus, with portabello mushrooms and roasted red peppers. I think the mushrooms were marinated in a red wine and I couldn’t tell if they had actually been cooked or were raw. It was an unusual taste. I liked it. ($6)

Patatas Zarzuela – spicy fried potatoes. Mother complained to the waitress that the first time she had these potatoes, they were nice and spicy, but the last time they very bland. They definitely made sure they were Not bland this time, they were burning my mouth! They had a nice flavor, although the main flavor was “hot”. There’s an alioli (garlic & oil sauce) served with this, but it’s not vegan. Too bad because I think these really needed a dipping sauce. Fortunately, the oil from the marinated olives worked pretty well.

Ensalada Jardin, minus the chopped egg. I don’t usually like to order salads in a restaurant, they never seem to be filling enough. This one had all kinds of stuff in it, though – beets, corn, peppers, hearts of palm, olives, tomatoes, onion & asparagus – and the balsamic vinaigrette dressing was the perfect addition.

We were stuffed when we left here, so Mumra and I decided to just have a light meal on our way home instead of a big dinner. On a late night run to a grocery store with very sad-looking produce, we picked the few nice things we could find and decided we’d have a tea sandwich picnic on our way home.

Avocado, figs, romaine lettuce & red onion.

This is a take-and-bake bread, very crusty and extremely hard to cut, especially because it was still slightly warm. I didn’t have time to wait for it to cool, so we just tried knife after knife until we found one that worked! Luckily grandma is prepared for anything – look at all those knives!

Cute, huh? I used some mustard. Cucumber would have been nice, too.

For something sweet, green apple slices tossed in fresh lemon juice. We had natural peanut butter to dip it in.

We drove to this little old cemetery in Dowling.

Not the most grand picnic, but it was just what we needed. I threw in a couple Luna bars.
My grandma is the type of person who has all kinds of neat things, and just goes around giving them away. We didn’t ask for anything for the picnic, she just came out with a basket and napkins, and this little vintage souvenir blanket. She even gave me that white dish the tea sandwiches are on. Funny we didn’t have any tea, now that I think about it…. But that’s not grandma’s fault : )

Goodbye, cemetery.

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