peanut butter hummus & loaded couscous

After our trip, I dropped my mom off at her house and went down the street to visit The Womb of Greek Hospitality. With a title like that, you know your chances of escaping without being fed, or loaded up with something to-go, are slim to none.

Don’t be fooled by the container, this is all homemade with love. The couscous has in it fresh [raw] garlic, figs, garlic, dried cranberries, garlic, fresh basil, garlic, oregano (I think?), garlic, pistachios…oh, and did I mention there’s a bit of garlic? The flavors remind me of Thanksgiving or Christmastime, and all the colors and textures make it beautiful even just to look at.

Believe it or not, the hummus not only was made without garlic, but my dear friend C also had no tahini and subbed peanut butter in its place. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to try it, but she put a spoon in my face and I just went for it. It tasted like chickpeas…then it tasted like peanut butter…then it tasted like hummus. Even without garlic it tasted like hummus somehow, but definitely eating it with the garlicy couscous rounded it out. The neat and weird part was getting a bite of fig or cranberry mixed with the hummus. First it tasted like a PB&J sandwich, then just plain old hummus.

I could not, however, handle all this raw garlic!! Neither of us could, but it was okay because the flavor was already in the couscous. Yes, I would eat this again! Thanks, C : )


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