midnight snack: a love poem

Pretend it’s vegan : )

When gourmets to the board propel
Their paunchy selves for tasty fare,
Most nostrils quiver at the smell
Of food that master chefs prepare;
But if you wish that you were there,
Hold on-Lucullan tables lack
The virtues found when you prepare
The pleasures of a midnight snack.
At witching hour, when all is well,
A hungry man steals down the stair
Into the cook’s own citadel,
To gather morsels extra rare
And strip unguarded cupboards bare;
Then to the bedroom creeping back,
Thus adding to adventure’s flair
The pleasures of a midnight snack.

-Prince, would you forget your thinning hair,
Your troubled state and cardiac?
Then try, for liberty from care,
The pleasures of a midnight snack.

-The Poete Cuisinier
(The Poet Chef)

I found this in one of my favorite cookbooks, The Gold Cook Book by Louis P. DeGouy

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