troubling news about GreenMax

Yesterday C came by the church for Orthros and stayed for breakfast in my office. I was introducing her to my beloved breakfast cereal, GreenMax, and bragging about the high calcium content. As noted in my previous GreenMax post, the package had always shown 70% for the Hakka Pestle flavor. Well, yesterday I started to open my mouth, and saw the package now reads…20%!

I don’t know if it was a mistake before, a mistake now or if they changed something. It looks and tastes the same. I can’t find a way to email them and ask, so I guess I better make sure I’m getting enough calcium from other foods now. As soon as I read it, I started imagining all kinds of things…my bones cracking and breaking, my back all hunched over or maybe I’ll even grow a hump. This is why it’s good to have a varied and nutrient rich diet. Definitely supplement time!

I do eat two packets at a time, so it’s still a pretty good chunk. Did you know most Americans never get the full percentage of calcium they should each day? So maybe I’m doing just as well as everyone else. Which sucks. Yeah, supplement time.

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