brick road pizza co., stella’s lounge vegan philly steak

Okay, another birthday post. Today the celebration started with lunch at Brick Road Pizza with a vegan Bacon Cheddar Burger Pizza. I know…more fake food. This is really unlike me, but their pizza is SO good! And it was a special day. By the way, this is the place that inspired the Mexican pizza I made for Vegan Pizza Day. I have stolen a couple of their recipes and remade them with more natural ingredients. But today, in honor of my rather unnatural state, which I will not discuss, this was definitely appropriate.

I’m Fr. R’s hand, and I approve this pizza.

Thanks to Fr. R & Z for the lunch, and a gift certificate to my favorite hair salon. I think I’ll be getting another beehive in the near future!

When I came home from work, I found the mailman brought me the second half of my birthday present from my brother.

I got the seeds last week, and the cookbook today. I’m really excited to check it out. Thanks, Dirty E! : )

Then my dad and I met C at Stella’s Lounge. Their Blue Burger (totally not vegan) was just voted the best burger in the country by GQ Magazine. I didn’t try it, but I looked at it from across the table. It sure looked big…. Dad said it really was awesome, even cold out of the fridge (we got full on drinks and appetizers).

We had an excellent view of the pinball machines

A lemon drop for C, shots of SoCo and Oberon for me and dad.

I didn’t get a good shot of the burgers, but after all, this is a vegan blog. This picture, though, shows my Poor Man’s Potato Wings in comparison to C & dad’s chicken wings. Theirs have a mild BBQ sauce, I got the sweet chili. The potatoes are battered or breaded…or maybe both…then fried and covered in the sauce. Anyway, I think that’s how they do it. They have a great crunchy texture on the outside that really did remind me of chicken wings (if I remember correctly). A ranch-like dressing is served on the side, and I really needed it because the sauce had a nice bite to it.

I did eat one healthy thing today: this celery

No Bull (Philly) Steak & fries. C noted the Daiya cheese on this looked more like melted plastic than melted cheese. I think she was right.

There was a sunflower cheese on this and the Daiya was extra, the waitress talked me into it because the sunflower cheese doesn’t melt. I think next time I’d just stick with the sunflower cheese anyway – I got both, and the sunflower cheese was better. The “steak” part was made with tempeh, and the sandwich was also loaded with mushrooms, onions & red peppers. The fries were thin and crunchy and coated with seasoning. For once, I did not put ketchup on my fries!! And ketchup is one of my favorite foods.

The portions were so big, I could only eat half my entree. I’m looking forward to finishing it off tomorrow.

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