fermented bean curd pancakes (for ladies only??)

My apologies to a certain bass playing friend of mine for adding another recipe that uses tofu. We just had a discussion about the dangers of men eating soy*, but…well, this was really good. So, I’ll try to stay away from soy for the rest of the month, but for now: Fermented Bean Curd Pancakes.

Not pictured with the ingredients is “Heart Smart” Bisquick. The name might be a little misleading, but it is a very convenient…er…convenience food. However, next time I’ll try making these with plain flour since I ended up adding (towards the end) 1 tsp of baking soda & 2 Tbsp of vinegar anyway to replace the egg. I also added about 1 Tbsp each of the vegenaise (soy-free, guys!) and Russian mustard.
And then there’s the fermented bean curd, otherwise known as Stinky Tofu. I think Stinky Tofu is really supposed to refer to a similar kind made with some sort of fish juice or something, but this kind is really stinky, too. The first time I bought this stuff I threw it out because I thought it was rotten. Just plug your nose when you open the jar, and do NOT eat it plain!!!!!! Unless you’re really hardcore. I am not.

I added two disgusting looking chunks and mixed everything with a fork until it got moist and crumbly.

Then I stirred in some finely chopped onion and red pepper, and added the above mentioned baking soda & vinegar.

I didn’t have a milk substitute, so I used 2/3 cup of water instead. Whisk to incorporate, but it’s okay if there are some lumps.

Pour the batter out onto a hot, greased skillet. I used a 1/4 cup dry measuring cup that was not quite full.

I meant to take more pictures of the finished product, but I accidentally ate them all. The combination of fermented tofu with the sweetness of the Russian mustard gave these a hint of the flavor of aged cheese, perfect with the onions and peppers. I put Smart Balance on them and tried half with syrup, half without. They were good both ways, but for my second helping I put syrup on all of them. I would recommend eating these with a fruit salad, especially if you’re not going to use syrup.

Men, I will try making these again the next time I make a fermented nut cheese. In the meantime, maybe you can try that yourselves and let me know how it turns out. I’d be happy to post your pictures and comments.
*See comments below. Looks like Stinky Tofu is okay for men!

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    • I read about it online. Everybody says it has a horrible smell. Traditionally you eat it with rice for breakfast, and just eat little bits with each spoonful of rice.

  1. You might wish to read this article about soy. http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/0605/safesoy.php The soy that is bad for ANYONE is the Americanized version that has been completely adulterated. Soy burgers and other analogs are akin to eating a plasticized version of the food they are imitating. Stinky Tofu works miracles for digestion, it works as a probiotic, adding new bacteria to the body. This is why adding fermented foods to your diet is so important. They are also loaded with with protein. Tempah and miso are two other healthy soy options.

    • Ooooh, thanks, mumra. I knew the “fake” soy stuff is bad for everyone, but I just thought all soy had that estrogen-type stuff in it that’s bad for men. This is very good news!! You’re so smart : )

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