giant onion rings, fries & hummus at Derby Station

I’m *almost* finished celebrating my birthday, but not quite. I seriously wouldn’t mind if it were over, but on the other hand, it’s giving me a good excuse to eat all kinds of things I shouldn’t. For example, fried foods.
Saturday my cousin and I, met by a few of my other favorite people, went to Derby Station for beers and a little something to eat. I thought I’d get onion rings, and fries to dip in my hummus, but I didn’t realize the onion rings would be a meal in themselves!

The dipping sauce isn’t vegan, but nobody else minded that. I tried my best to eat everything, but even though I shared I ended with 1 1/2 onion rings left over. The onion rings were so good with the hummus, next time maybe I’ll just omit the fries…the next time I can afford an extra 1000 calories in my diet!

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