BFF birthday presents! Time Life Cooking of India +

There are few things more wonderful and exciting than getting a little brown parcel in the mail from your BFF! We like using old paper bags to wrap things, it just looks so cool. Aaaaaand, they’re fun to decorate!

Thanks, BFF!

A cookbook: Time Life, The Cooking of India. I believe this is my sixth cookbook from the Time Life collection.

I love you and miss you, too, BFF!!! And I’ll cook some Indian food for you when you come home 🙂

But wait, what was in that smaller package???

A vintage Land of Lincoln trivet! YES!!!

Thanks, L! You can expect to see some sort of Indian food on the blog sometime soon.

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  1. Wow! If I could figure out how to post a photo comment, I would send you a picture of that very same cookbook and its Middle Eastern companion. I salvaged both of them from my mom’s collection, along with a Rosicrucian vegetarian cookbook and Sunset cookbook on Italian cooking from the 1970s. I just started a blog called cookingwithMalvi that is all Indian and vegan food. Check her out!

    • Thanks for the tip! Yes, L called me from a garage sale where the lady had a TON of these cookbooks. She was only willing to sell them as a set, except the ones she had doubles of. She didn’t have a double of the Middle Eastern cookbook, though, but I love India food, too!
      I just went and looked, the other Time Life cookbooks I have are American (Northwest), Spain & Portugal, China, Japan, Provincial France & Italy. I also have Wine & Spirits from the same collection.
      I don’t know enough about the other foods, but the Italian cookbook has the most authentic pizza recipe I’ve ever found. I hope to have the entire set one day!!

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