fried green and pink-ish tomatoes

I found some green tomatoes at the grocery store, so I decided to try fried green tomatoes.

But then…I left them sitting around for a few days and one started turning red. I thought it was prettier that way. The tomatoes were really firm, and crunched when I cut them.

I used a recipe from OneGreenPlanet that said to thinly slice the tomatoes and soak them in beer for 5 minutes. I used a brown nut ale, but I couldn’t really taste it at all. And I think next time I’d do thick slices of tomato.

Mix 1 cup all purpose flour with 1 cup yellow corn meal.

Remove the tomato slices from the beer and sprinkle with salt and pepper…

Then coat them in the flour & corn meal mixture and carefully place them in a pan of hot oil.

Cook each side until golden brown, around 5 minutes per side.

Remove from oil. I sprinkled mine with extra salt because I love salt, but you might not need to. Next time I’ll try adding some different spices, maybe smoked paprika. They’re best eaten as hot as you can stand, while the breading is still nice and crunchy – but I cannot be responsible for burned tongues!

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  1. Looks yummy…. When I first saw the picture of the fresh green tomatoes, I thought It was cuccumber, and that’s my favorite veggie… but I said to myself, “wait, those look different1” Then I read the sentence underneath the photo! Ha! I’ve never seen green tomatoes.

    • I guess there really is some kind of tomato that stays green, but these are plain old red tomatoes that aren’t ripe yet – I bet you could do it with a cucumber, too, though. Nothing like taking a healthy vegetable and breading & frying it!

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