sandra lee semi homemade-type birthday cake

I think I finally had my last birthday celebration yesterday. For some reason, my dad really did not want me to have to make my own cake this year. Since he hates trying to make vegan cakes himself, he called three different places. Two said they’d call back and never did. The third place used to bake vegan, but they use eggs now. Boo. So, he bought a cake mix and talked my sister and baking it (she really did not want to).
Since Ener-g Egg Replacer doesn’t work well in cake mixes, she looked online and read a can of pop could be used in place of eggs & oil. She said she tried it a while ago and it worked, but…it didn’t work this time.

I dunno…she said it worked before and I believe her, but replacing the fat with carbonated sugar water just seems like a bad idea. There was nothing to keep the cake moist.  Plus one layer stuck to the pan, but that wasn’t the pop’s fault.

Oh yeah, and it didn’t rise. Each layer was less than 1″ high! What would Sandra Lee do?

I threw it in the food processor and ground it up.

Now for frosting from a can……

Process some more, until it looks like a paste. Of course, you could do this with a homemade cake & frosting.

Spread in a pie pan.

It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, but who doesn’t like cake and frosting? Sandra Lee would’ve decorated it with a plastic pearl necklace and acorns, but by this time I was half an hour late to our family dinner. Everyone kept asking, “What…is that??” We came up with a few names for it.

Cake Pie, Spoon Cake and Cake Paste. It was definitely moist after adding all the frosting.

But we discovered you only need a tiny piece since it’s so dense and sweet. Everybody ate some, though, so I would say it was not a fail.

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