Erb Thai going-away lunch

Yesterday was my brother’s last day in town, so we picked up Mumra and went to Erb Thai for lunch. We think a health inspector came in while we were deciding what to order, and he left without shutting the place down so we thought that was a good sign.

We started with an order of Fresh Rolls with veggies, four for $4. They’re a pretty good size and come with a sweet sauce topped with peanuts. This would be good to eat along with a very spicy dish.

One singular Veggie Spring Roll, filled with carrots, cabbage and noodles, deep fried & served with a plum sauce. $1.50. I really didn’t taste or see anything in there other than cabbage, a very mild taste, but I didn’t mind.

Mumra and I split a bowl of Tom Kha coconut milk soup with fresh veggies – tomato, mushroom, onion, celery, snow peas and cilantro. $3

Dirty E’s mango bubble tea, $4 (it was a really tall glass)

My Potato Curry

Yellow curry with coconut milk, potato chunks, green peas, carrots and white onions, plus cashews. I asked for it to be “kind of mild” and it was very mild – except for the chunk of chili pepper I accidentally ate!! Maybe next time I should be more bold because it was also a little sweeter than I prefer. I think it was because I was too wimpy with the spice. It was VERY filling, though. $7.50 + $1 for cashews

Mother’s $7.50 Pad Ped: Thai red curry, coconut milk, bell peppers, celery, baby corn, carrots, onion & eggplant. Mumra asked for the heat to be an 8 or 9 out of 10, and we waited for her to choke on the first bite. She managed to get through the whole thing (the only one to completely clean her plate) without so much as breaking a sweat, and I got hiccups from the one measly pepper I ate!

Next time I go back I’ll probably just order a couple appetizers so I’ll have room for the coconut milk custard.

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