more vegan tacos! using leftovers

I had lots of leftovers, so it was tacos for a late night snack last night, and tacos for lunch today.

Tete fried eggplant for me for Sunday dinner.

Late last night when I got hungry again, I mashed the eggplant with a fork and spread it on a tortilla with hummus and the walnut stuff. The one in back has leftover potatoes with hummus & walnuts.

This morning I’m back to my oil free eating, so I started out with the usual suspects: green peppers, tomatoes & onions.

I sprinkled them over mashed avocado, then added the walnut mixture.

The walnut stuff had started to dry out a little, so I added a bunch of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Perfect! Oh yeah, and I added salt to the avocado when I mashed it.

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  1. BTW, to get the most nutritional bang from nuts you really need to soak them. Otherwise you’re just eating a nut and not getting all the protein and nutrients. Nuts [and seeds] contain enzyme inhibitors.
    Enzyme inhibitors protect the nut or seed until it has what it needs for growing. By soaking them they get enough moisture to germinate and if left in nature, they would produce the energy needed to create a plant. When they are soaked you release the toxic enzyme inhibitors and increase the life and vitality of them. This means the total amount of vitamins your body receives is increased. The gluten is broken down for easier digestion. Also, phytic acid, which inhibits absorption of vital minerals is reduced.

    Typically walnuts need to be soaked for 4 hours. Discard the water, it’s toxic. Most people “think” eating soaked nuts would be gross, but in fact, when they try it, they love them! And with good reason, b/c they are getting the full benefit of them.

    Also, when making “nut” meats they will be more moist. . . try it!

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