tahini & olives snack, and vegemite sunflower seeds follow-up

About a month ago I mentioned I saw someone found my blog by searching “How to make vegemite sunflower seeds.” That someone was from Australia, I thought that was pretty neat. So, I scoured the internet trying to figure out what they were looking for, but I came up empty. I decided to email a few places.

You’d think Australia.com would be happy to give some sort of explanation since it’s a tourist website. Don’t they want to share the joys of Australia cuisine with me? I guess not, they never answered. I also emailed a little online store that sells everything Australian, but most of their items are out of stock and I never heard back from them, either. Finally I tried Australia.gov.au, and they actually replied! Here’s the response:

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for forwarding your inquiry to 
www.australia.gov.au - the entry point to 
Australian Government information and 
Please note that this is a referral service 
and, therefore, I am unable to answer your 
questions directly.  I can, however, refer 
you to the most appropriate Australian 
Government website in relation to your 
inquiry if applicable.

Please enter "vegemite sunflower seeds" 
in your internet search engine. There 
are non-Government websites with 
serving/recipe suggestions for vegemite 
with sunflower seeds, etc.

Kind Regards
australia.gov.au team

They really weren't much help. Sorry, Australia. I'll keep trying.

In other news, I think my stomach shrunk (but only on the inside). I had 
GreenMax for breakfast and skipped lunch. I was really hungry all day and 
especially when I went grocery shopping after work. Then when I got home 
I made a little snack for myself, and I was full after what seemed like 
just a few bites! Maybe it was this awesome bread I was eating.

It's very dense bread. You only get 7 slices, but if you're making a sandwich 
you really only need to cut one piece in half. I made another tahini sauce to 
spread on mine.

Then I sprinkled it with giant olives. Not really, it just looks that way. 
They are pitted kalamata olives.

Not much of a dinner...but I guess I did eat a bunch more olives with the 
sauce once these little sandwiches were gone. But still.

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