I’m #1!!!!!! And vegan wraps & hummingbird cake from Marie Catrib’s

Okay, I know you’re mostly reading this for the food, but humor me for a moment: Open a separate tab. Go to google.com. Search “oil free fasting”. LOOK WHO IT IS – IT’S ME!!! I’M #1!!!!!! I didn’t think I had that many oil free fasting recipes, but I guess I kind of do. I better add more, ya know, now that I’m…NUMBER ONE.

Anyway, sorry. Back to the food. Today I attended the baptism of the daughter of my dear friends, Fr. R & Z. Sweet little baby F : ) Afterwards there was a lunch. Z spent weeks making decorations, I wish I would’ve taken more pictures. The little room was packed with color and texture, it looked gorgeous.

This old chalkboard used to be used by the choir, I think. When we found it in the church basement, it had “Tone 2” written on it, amongst other Byzantine music-y things.

One of the kids tables. Pretty cute, huh?

This is a vegan wrap from Martha’s Catering, the Martha’s Vegetable Tuscan, with eggplant, hummus and a bunch of other veggies. I wanted to eat another, but it was SO filling. I thought about stuffing myself anyway, but then I was reminded…

of this vegan Hummingbird Cake, from Marie Catrib’s. It kind of tasted like carrot cake, but not. The frosting was buttery and creamy and really, REALLY sweet and delicious and covered in coconut wonderful. Z got it especially for me and another vegan friend, but I guess everyone else liked it, too…because by the time I got to it, there were only 2 pieces left! But I can’t blame everyone for wanting to eat it. Thanks, Z!

Anyway, back to the kitchen. I’m still making stuff for my coffee hour and I need to be in bed in 1 hour and 8 minutes!

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