vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie chocolate brownies!!!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, this Sunday I’m hosting the coffee hour at church, so I’ve been baking up a storm. Not like a tropical storm or anything, but a nasty drizzle with a slightly annoying wind. It all started when I made my old standard, the gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. I whipped up a huge batch, threw a baking sheet of 24 small cookies in the oven…waited…cried.

Actually, I’m very proud of myself because I didn’t really cry this time, but I was super disappointed. Not sure what I did wrong, but the cookies kind of melted and bubbled, they were way too soft, in odd shapes and sizes and breaking apart when I removed them from the pan. Dang. I put in the next tray anyway, but with more space between the cookies, and hoped for the best. But it was not the best. I put the rest of the dough in the fridge and I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it. In the meantime, I had a bunch of broken cookies. Thus, the cookie brownie was born. I used this Easy Double Chocolate Chip Brownie recipe from Nestle Toll House as a guide, but of course I veganized it. Preheat your oven to 350, grease a 9×13″ pan.

The offending cookies.

Chop, chop, chop….


I did 1 1/2 cups, thinking I’d use them to replace the nuts and the unmelted chocolate chips. So for the actual brownies:

I started by melting 1 cup Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips and 1/2 C Smart Balance Light in a heavy sauce pan (actually a neat vintage pressure cooker) on low.

Let it melt some. Stir. Let it melt some more.

Stir until smooth.

Like this.

Now, remove the pan from heat. It would be time to add eggs, except I am instead using 2 large bananas that have been mashed. I also added approximately 2 Tbsp coconut milk beverage.

In they go. I was tempted to stop right here and eat the chocolatey banana mixture with a spoon. Luckily I have at least *some* self control.

Stir to combine.

Next I added 1 1/4 C flour, scant 1 C sugar (do you really need to add an entire cup of sugar to a cup of melted chocolate? NO), 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp vanilla extract. I know, it doesn’t look very pretty. That’s okay, we’re not finished.

Stir it all in. I added just a sprinkling of chocolate chips. Now where’s that greased 9×13″ pan?

Pour in enough of the brownie batter to cover the bottom of the pan evenly. Now sprinkle the chopped cookies on the batter. I ended up using just over 1 cup.

Use the remaining batter to cover the cookie bits. Don’t leave any batter to lick off the bowl when you’re finished – scrape it all off! I have a feeling the cookie chunks will get hard or burned if they’re not covered with batter.

Now into the oven. Since I use a convection oven, I baked mine at 340 for 14 minutes (the instructions said 350 for 18-22). I think they probably actually finished at 12. I learned you check brownies for doneness the same exact way you check a cake – stick a toothpick in the center. Of course when you have hot melty chocolate chips in there, it gets tricky, but I bet you’ll be able to tell the difference between that and raw-ish brownies.

Brownies. I don’t remember what regular brownies taste like, these might be a little more cake-like. I didn’t eat one because I want to have enough for Sunday! But there was a thin film of brownie on the bottom of this pan when I took them out, and I ate it and it was really good : ) It was also VERY sweet, even though I cut down on the sugar. Next time I might use only 1/2 C.

They also were pretty soft, so after I cut them, when they were still in the pan, I put them in the freezer to firm up. I removed the pieces when they were frozen. I wonder if I should add a little cornstarch or something next time to firm them up some more, but I’ll tell you how it goes tomorrow!

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