my coffee hour (hummus, guac, brownies, cupcakes, cookies!!!!!)

I love hosting the coffee hour after church, it’s like having a giant party. I brought a few things of my own, and was also lucky to have the leftovers from yesterday’s lunch. I made a few batches of cupcakes Friday and Saturday and froze them.  Theeeeeeeeeeeen last night I made my infamous hummus. I don’t have any sort of recipe written down, so I consider every batch of hummus I make a winning recipe. Last December it own the St. Nicholas Day Hummus Throwdown! (by one vote, but still)

Chickpeas, lots of them (six 15oz cans, in this case), in the bowl of your food processor. Reserve the liquid from 2 cans.

Lemon juice. I think I ended up using 3 lemons.

Fresh garlic, 3 large cloves plus a small one. This little gadget is pretty cool. Put the peeled cloves in, close the top. There are 2 wheels on the bottom, and when you turn them back and forth by rolling the thing across the counter…

a blade inside rotates and minces the garlic.

Add all that to the chickpeas, sprinkle with salt (whatever amount you’re thinking, probably a little more). Oh yeah, there are a few tablespoons of tahini in here, too. 4, I think. Now process!!!!!!! It will probably be very thick, so add the reserved liquid a little at a time as needed. I like to leave mine really thick, so eating it with pita and olives is filling enough to be a meal. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Use your imagination : )

Next, guacamole. I used five avocados. Normally I like to mash them by hand with a large fork, but I was tired and lazy last night and decided to use the food processor again. The avocados are ripe when the skin is more black than green – almost all black – and is soft, but not mushy, when you squeeze. If it’s mushy, it means it’s too ripe and will probably be black on the inside. That is not good.

I used the juice of two limes. I’m not sure if I like lemon or lime juice better…I think unless I’m also adding tequila I’ll just stick to lemon, but it was still good this way.

There are tiny seeds in the limes that my juicer can’t catch, so I pour it over the avocado through a strainer. Add salt. I’m a big fan of just avocado and salt, so I didn’t bother adding garlic this time.

Looks like stuff you buy at the store. I like the hand-mashed look better, but this was a lot faster!

When I’m feeding a lot of people, or basically just more than myself, I add lettuce. Slice into thin strips, then mince. I also added minced onion, but I forgot to buy tomatoes.

I rinse the pits (or stones, if you will) and put them on top of the guacamole to keep it green. It works! I finished this guac around 1am and it was still green when I served it around 11am.

Then I made frosting for my cupcakes. 1/2 stick margarine, 2-3 cups confectioners sugar, vanilla, water as needed. Mix with a hand mixer. I made it turquoise with neon food coloring. You could also use a milk substitute instead of the water. A little agave is good, too.

Then chocolate. Pretty much all the same ingredients, but with cocoa powder added.

I use stick margarine because it’s usually somewhat hard. Softer margarines, like Smart Balance, are really only good for making buttercream frostings. I did not want buttercream this time.

My cupcakes! Don’t look – some of them are naked!!!!!!!!

It is okay to look now. These are vanilla spice with vanilla frosting, and I think it might be the best flavor I’ve ever made. I think the ginger really made it. The others were classic chocolate with chocolate frosting & almond chocolate with chocolate frosting. These are all just variations on my basic cupcake recipe.

Making sure there’d be a little something for the clergy when they got to coffee hour.

Brownies with mini gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. The sign there says “Mini Cookies are Gluten Free, Brownies are Gluten FULL”. I finally got to taste one. If I didn’t know the cookies were in there, I wouldn’t have guessed it. Next time I think I’d layer whole cookies since they get soft anyway. They were REALLY good, but they didn’t taste like what I *think* I remember brownies tasting like. I think that’s the problem with most vegan brownies, they end up cake-like. I have to find a way to get that crispy-ish top. You could really taste the bananas I love it with the chocolate chips.

Mini bagels with peanut butter, jelly & Biscoff. Those fancy cupcakes were from the baptism, and they were made by Sea-Sweet Bakery. I am told it is the best tasting cake EVER…but it’s not vegan : (

There’s my hummus. Is it everything you imagined? The wraps & pasta salad are also from the baptism. It was a very pretty table (flowers from the baptism!), and the rag garland (from the baptism!!!) was still hanging so everyone thought it was some special occasion. I thought it was pretty special.

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    • I didn’t have time to take pictures once people started coming in – I was too busy pouring coffee and juice! I couldn’t even see the table with the food on it because so many people were in front of it and all around.

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