a food blogger’s worst nightmare: dining out & leftovers

Okay, I’ll get a couple more meals out of the way. But sometimes life gets in the way I can’t take credit for these, really, but…I’ll try : ) First of all, Saturday I was going to make pasta for lunch. Just something very simple, but still, I was going to make it myself. Except my sister was here, and she made pasta the night before and the leftovers were in the fridge. And if I didn’t eat them………..they would GO TO WASTE. Oh nooooooooooo. I decided I at least had to dress them up.

I thought I might add some of my vegan ricotta that’s been sitting around forever, but in the end, I decided to forget it. So just pretend you can’t even see it. But it’s okay if you see the onions and garlic and olive oil. I chopped up some onion and minced a clove or two of garlic and sauteed them in the oil with a little basil.

Then I added the noodles. They already had oil, salt and parsley on them, but I just knew I would need more salt. Because I love salt. Then I added some diced tomato, and a little more salt.

The first picture steamed up my camera lens, but I thought it made the pasta look dreamy.

Here’s a better picture, though. Yeah, it was good.

So then shortly after lunch, my brother finally showed up. My sister and I knew he was coming, but it was a surprise for our dad. Of course it was also a cause for celebration….

E sent these shot glasses to my dad, and it was the first time he was home since they arrived. Pretty cool, huh?

These are the boxes they came in, I love the story!

So, Saturday night I did absolutely nothing myself for dinner because I attended a birthday party for a parishioner who just turned 100 years old. That’s right – 100!

If you live to be 100, you deserve an awesome birthday bash.

The caterers made a special vegan meal for me. Mushrooms, veggies and a brown sauce. What is that brown sauce?

It is made of beans! Black beans, I think. Banquet food is tricky, ya know, since you’re cooking for hundreds of people. It’s hard to get everything just the way it’s supposed to be, and this plate was no exception. You can see the sauce and mushrooms got a little overcooked, but I could tell how it was supposed to be…meaty mushrooms with a creamy, hearty sauce. It was good anyway, and would have been excellent probably if the chef was cooking for only me : ) Overall, I was very happy and I might even try to recreate this.

*P.S.The title of this post is a little dramatic. It wasn’t a nightmare, it just makes me sad when I don’t do all the cooking I’d like to! But eating is half of food blogging, right? Or maybe a third…anyway, it’s part of it.

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