angel hair pasta with sun dried tomato pesto

We had some leftovers from the antipasto tray my sis made for our dad’s birthday party. I needed to use up the items shown below…

Except later, the olives were stolen from me. By the birthday boy, so I couldn’t complain. Too much.

Into the bowl of my food processor went approximately 3/4 cup sun dried tomatoes. I added olive oil, oregano, basil, pepper, a very large clove of garlic and some fresh parsley. Probably salt, too.

It was really pretty and creamy, but still had some small chunks, one it was processed. I had to keep adding olive oil a little at a time to thin it down.

These are called onions. I chopped up maybe 1/2 cup of onion and sauteed it in olive oil long enough to infuse the oil with the flavor.

This is called pasta. Angel hair, to be exact. I boiled this according to the instructions on the box, except I broke it up into very small pieces first.

When the onions were *just* starting to get nice and soft, I added these artichoke hearts. I’m guessing around 1 cup.

I cooked them a while in the oniony-flavored oil, stirring to coat them and also to keep them from browning. Then I added the pesto.

Next, I drained the noodles and added those to the pan, too.

Stir it up.

Plate it. Eat it.

It was really good. I had some pesto leftover, and you will see more leftover magic in the near future.

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