vegan pot stickers at The Green Well

Earlier in the week I went to lunch at The Green Well. They have a smallish menu that looked very nice for non-vegans, but for vegans the options are limited. I didn’t mind,though, because the vegan pot stickers sounded good.
When I ordered the pot stickers, our waiter asked if I wanted to get anything to go with them to fill out the meal because “the plate is kind of small.” I decided not to, especially since it was already costing me $10. So, the small plate arrived…

There are three (3) pot stickers under there.

At least there were some extra veggies, but this was definitely more like a snack than a lunch. The pot stickers were really good, the dough part was nice and crunchy from being fried and had soaked up a lot of the sauce. My only complaint, flavor wise, is the sauce was *really* sweet. Like, way too sweet. I think if it were just spooned over the pot stickers, with maybe a little extra in the center, it would’ve been okay. Or they could make it less sweet and still give you a ton…than I probably would’ve eaten all like soup. That would have “filled it out.”

Anyway, I’m glad I went because it reminded I used to make something similar myself. I ended up making it the next night for dinner, and I’ll be posting it soon!

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