more leftover magic: transforming pesto, pot sticker dough & injera bread!

I had a very nice weekend, I hope you all did, too. Saturday night I stayed in, made a nice dinner and watched Purple Rain with my dog. I had that leftover dough from the pot stickers that I wanted to use up, and a little of the sun dried tomato pesto. So, I decided to make a pizza.

Here is my little ball of dough on a floured surface.

I rolled it out into a nice, er…shape. Whatever shape that may be.

Put it on my greased baking sheet. Poured a little olive oil on the dough and spread it around – I used my fingers!

Now for the pesto.

Spread the pesto around, add your toppings. I decided to keep it simple with mushrooms and onions. I drizzled a little olive oil on the onions so they’d bake through without getting burned.

I baked the pizza for about 12 minutes at 475 in the convection oven.

Notice the onions didn’t shrivel up or blacken. That is what usually happens when a non-veggie restaurant tries to make a vegan pizza. Now, the next picture doesn’t look quite so pretty, although it was delicious.

Friday after a VERY long day of work and helping out at the 2nd Best Sale, I treated myself to the All You Can Eat special at Little Africa. And I got it To Go! You might wonder, as the owner of the restaurant did, “How do you get All You Can Eat to go??” I told him just estimate how much I normally eat when I get the special, and put it in a box. Or two. All the scoops of this and that got kind of mashed down and the bread soaked up the juice and stuck in the food. Doesn’t matter, it was still great. But all those little scoops had nothing to do with the meal I ate Saturday night.

No, that was long gone, and all that was left was this massive mound of injera bread. I hate to waste it, so I looked online for a firfir recipe and found one for a firfir salad.

Just tear up some of the injera bread into little pieces and put it in a bowl with tomato and onion.

My dad bought me a set of these spice blends, lucky for me.

Add some berbere to vegetable or canola oil with fresh lemon juice and minced garlic, and salt. All seasonings are to taste.

You can add turmeric to give it a nice color. Pour it over your injera and veggies, and stir to coat.

Why bother slicing the pizza into little pieces when you know you’re going to eat the whole thing?

The flavors didn’t necessarily “go together,” but I don’t mind eating two completely different things together. And I was happy to find a use for my leftover injera, other than sharing it with the dog (although he was kind enough to sit through Purple Rain with me…). I still had some injera left, so you can expect another leftover injera recipe soon!

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