lenten snack with a trio of mustards

Okay, once in a while I have to post something super simple and very lenten for my Orthodox friends. My sister has been known to eat packets of mustard during Lent, so this is almost gourmet in comparison. Kind of.

The bread is just something I made with scraps from the prosphora we made earlier today. You could also use those cheap soft pretzels you buy frozen and nuke in the microwave, most of those are vegan and oil free. So are most flavors of Thomas bagels. With just plain mustard it would be great, but to make it extra special I also had Dijon & spicy brown mustard. And that was dinner! I didn’t even have to use a plate, perfect for today’s feast.

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    • Mother, I hardly ever use a microwave, and usually only to heat water. Others like microwaves, and that’s their business. I’m not promoting this as a health foods or healthy living blog, just a food blog.

      But to answer your question, no, I was not aware 🙂

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