Smashed Potatoes

Well, about a week ago we got the official word, my dear friend C is moving out to Boston to study Byzantine chant. This past Sunday we had a going away party, and everyone brought something to share. I got a little overambitious and decided to make four somethings, of which only three made it.

The first of these is a big ol’ pan of smashed potatoes! The other night when my BFF was in town, she mentioned her dad makes them. I told her they sound very good and might end up on my blog in the near future. Well, sometimes the future is nearer than we think.

Here is a pan of red potatoes fresh from a bake in the oven. Some looked a little dry because I always, ALWAYS have the temperature set too high when I bake potatoes. I think I did 450 for 40 minutes. But in a convection oven, I think that’s like baking them at 475 for 55 minutes or something!

I left them right in the pan and used a potato masher to smash them down. It’s okay if they fall apart a little, but don’t get carried away. Remember: Smashed, not mashed.

Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but when I eat a baked potato I like to smother it in margarine and spices. Then when I get down to the skin, I like to add more margarine and more spices. This time I only put margarine on the top, but LOTS of it, and seasoned the potatoes really well (salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder). You could try to do both sides, I just don’t know how well they’d hold up.

Bake them at 450 (or 425 convection) until the tops get nice and crispy and brown. Mine weren’t browning quite as nicely as I wanted them too, so I pulled them out and lightly drizzled olive oil, using a spoon, over any uncooked-looking spots. Then I added a teeny tiny bit more spice, and put the pan under the broiler until…

The potatoes looked like this. And I did not have a single one left over after the party, so thanks for the recipe BFF and Mr. BFF’s dad! Another party post coming soon.

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