vegan stuffed mushroom caps, the third & final use of leftover injera bread!

So, yesterday I showed you the vegan smashed potato I made for C’s going away party, and prior to that I showed you a couple of ways I used up my leftover injera bread. Tonight, I have for you the second dish I made for the party – stuffed mushroom caps! And instead of bread crumbs, I crushed up the rest of my injera bread chips. Preheat the oven to 350.

Rinse and drain your mushrooms. There is nothing worse than finding a little chunk of dirt in your food! (Yeah, there are worse things, but let’s try not to think about them).

De-stem the mushrooms. We’re going to use those stems in our filling, so chop them finely, along with onion, green pepper and fresh garlic.

Saute your onions in olive oil until they’re soft. Add those chopped mushroom stems, green pepper and garlic. Get the veggies soft, but don’t let them brown!

Salt, pepper, berbere to taste. I didn’t think of it at the time, but lemon juice would probably be a nice addition.

I broke the rest of my injera chips into little bits and added them. They softened slightly while cooking in the oil, but they’ll crisp up again after baking in the oven.

Once the veggies are soft and the bread has *just* started to soften, stuff the mushroom caps. It took less than 1 Tbsp to fill each one, and I got to eat the extra stuffing with a spoon. Yum. Bake for approximately 20 minutes, or until mushrooms are hot all the way through and there’s juice coming out.

The tops will get nice and browned. If your mushrooms aren’t bit size, you might want to eat them with a knife and fork because they’ll be juicy and a little messy, and also delicious!

I’ll post my third and final dish from the party tomorrow!

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  1. Sillies! Dirt is loaded with micro-nutirients. That’s why I eat a daily dose of clay AND DE, Diatomaceous Earth. YUM! You can mix them in a smoothie. . . .

  2. Those mushrooms look good. I almost made some the other day, but I chopped them all into meals instead…Boring!! Maybe this week. I stuffed some with Spanish rice before and those were good too. What do you have them on in the last photo?

    You girls have funny conversations.One time I didn’t rinse my broccoli well enough and I was crunching on dirt. I didn’t enjoy it though, sorry K!

    • They’re just in my glass baking dish, but it’s sitting on top of some old Chrismas-y pot holders. They’re really dingy looking, I need to get some new ones.

      Yeah, the dirt grosses me out. I’ve tried adding clay to water and chugging it…it was weird. And I’m not sure if it did anything, but I don’t do it regularly, maybe that’s why.

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