saturday pan fried potato breakfast

Lately every time my dad cooks something, he begs me to put it on my blog (ahem, none of it’s vegan!). He’s joking, but this morning I decided to surprise him, and I took pictures of our breakfast cooking whenever he was out of the kitchen or had his back turned. Most Saturday mornings he makes pan fried potatoes for us to share, and eggs and maybe some kind of meat for himself (and the pooch). Saturday is the only day we have to eat breakfast together, and it’s actually the only day out of the whole week that he even bothers to eat breakfast at all.

The ingredients are simple and few: Diced red potato & chopped onion in a single layer in a large frying pan with Smart Balance, salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder. He cooks them slowly over medium heat and lets them brown on each side. It seemed like it took forever, but probably just because I was so hungry. These are the very exciting pictures I took of the potatoes browning….

Now just put them in my favorite dish….

And add my 2nd favorite condiment.

It’s officially Saturday. Oh, and September 1st is also the Ecclesiastical New Year in the Orthodox Church, so Happy New Year!!!

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