vegan red cabbage casserole for one

One of my former coworkers is looking for dinner ideas for her daughter who is on a dairy free diet, and I told her I’d try a few casserole ideas. This one was very tasty, although it needed some tweaking. I will explain more below. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 350.

I started by sauteing some onion in Smart Balance, about 1/4 cup in 2 tablespoons.

Two cups of red cabbage

Add it to the mix. Stir to keep it from browning. Add whatever spices you like – I kept it simple with salt, pepper & garlic.

Once it’s cooked until *almost* done (soft), add flour. I thought 2 Tbsps would be enough for a single serving, but…I would now recommend 3 to 4. Stir to coat the veggies with flour and taste. If it’s at all bland, even a little…

add more seasoning. You’re about to add plain, unsweetened (unFLAVORED) almond milk, so it needs to be well seasoned – just try not to go nuts.

Over low heat, begin adding almond milk about 1/4 cup at a time. Keep adding and stirring until it thickens into a nice creamy sauce…

unlike what I did. I started with 1/4 cup, then dumped in another 3/4 and got soup. I figured it would thicken up the rest of the way in the oven. More on that later.

I bought this cute little clay pot at the 2nd Best Sale at church – I actually got a set of four, but for now I’m just using them to make One Pot meals : ) Not one pan or one utensil, mind you, but a meal that in the end will be served to me, myself and I in one singular clay pot. Just because it’s cute.

Anyway. Fill your baking dish. Note how mine is filled almost all the way to the top. Bad idea.

Now, I did actually manage to use only one pan this time by cleaning the one I cooked the cabbage in. Here I am browning approximately 2 Tbsp of Panko bread crumbs.

Until they are nice and golden.

Sprinkle them over the casserole. Now cover the dish so the crumbs won’t burn. The funny thing about putting the top on this little pot when it’s filled pretty much all the way….

It would’ve overflowed without the top anyway, but putting the top down also smashed the crumbs into the casserole.

Now back to the amount of flour. 2 Tbsps didn’t quite thicken it up enough…plus I only baked it for 15 minutes because I was so hungry. I bet 25 would’ve done the trick. Did I really not have 10 minutes to spare so I could have a delicious creamy meal instead of a tasty soupy meal? Was I that hungry? I need to learn to be patient. But on a lighter note, isn’t that purple color beautiful?

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