vegan crab imperial for one

Every year for Christmas my dad orders me a big box of food from Pangea, and sometimes it takes me a while to eat all the fake meats and things. For example, I still had an opened package of Meatless Crab from Match Meats. After much debate, I decided to do another One Pot Meal and make a single serving of Crab Imperial.

At least it has a bunch of protein in it…. I’ve never eaten real crab, so I can’t say if it really tastes like it, but I’m sure they call it Match for a reason.

The original recipe is HERE. I divided it by 8 for a single serving, which basically means I used very tiny amounts of everything and measured almost nothing.

Vegan Worcestershire is usually kind of expensive, but I found this stuff for about 2 bucks.

1.5 tsps Smart Balance, melted. The same amount of flour, and a pinch and a squirt of all the seasonings. 1.5 tsp vegenaise, and I just guessed on the (original unsweetened almond) milk. It made a nice tasting creamy sauce, so I figured I must’ve been close!

I did measure the “crab” – with a tape measure! I think I cut off about 1″ of “meat”. It was maybe 1/4 C, and I mashed it a little with a fork to break it up. Instead of the torn up bread, I used 1 Tbsp of Panko bread crumbs. Mix them in (I didn’t moisten them with the milk like it said to).

Add the sauce, mix again.

I didn’t have a ramekin, so I used this sweet little nonstick star shaped pan. It’s supposed to be for cupcakes. Although it is nonstick, next time around I think I would grease the bottom.

After about 12 minutes or so it puffed up a little and got nice and brown around the edges.

It kind of looks like Fancy Feast in the picture, but in real life it was pretty and, more importantly, it tasted great. I wished I had doubled the recipe. Some kind of mustard sauce with dill would go well with it, I think I’ll try it next time.

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