lazy days

There is an old song my Tete likes to sing to her cat, Ashanti, sometimes when she’s been sleeping in the window all day instead of playing or doing whatever other household chores Tete believes a cat should be doing. “C’mon, Shanti, wake up – get moving! Laaaaaaaazy daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

I feel I have been having a few of these lazy days, all in a row, recently. I actually have been doing stuff, just not blog stuff. I have no memory of what I ate Friday…if I made something, I’m sure I have pictures to upload. Saturday I went out to eat – I know for sure I have pictures of that delicious pizza! Yesterday I was blessed with a home cooked meal prepared by a very dear Jordanian friend of mine from church. I forgot to take pictures : ( There was roast lamb and chicken, but knowing I’m a vegan, she made no less than SEVEN vegan side dishes: stuffed grape leaves, stuffed cusa, spinach pies, cauliflower in tahini sauce (I must get the recipe), tabouli, roasted potatoes and veggies & almonds with rice.
As any good Arab would, my hostess piled huge portions of as many of the foods on plate as would fit. I didn’t get to try the tabouli or potatoes because by the time I finished my first plate I was almost sure I could feel the food all the way to the top of my throat! I was sorry to leave two bites on the plate, but I think that is actually the traditional Arab way of saying “It was so good, I ate and ate until I couldn’t eat one more bite.”

Tomorrow she and I will start prepping for a meal we’re serving to a visiting Byzantine choir at church on Wednesday. They’re from Beirut, and asked for American food. I just spent more than two hours grocery shopping and buying fun little things to make the gathering room at church feel like a diner. I promise not to forget the pictures!!!

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