Byzantine Nights! Lenten dinner for the Saint Romanos Byzantine Choir of Beirut

Okay, FINALLY – pictures from the dinner! We needed to make a non-Lebanese (per the choir’s request) meal, and make it Lenten since it was a Wednesday. We had a little of everything, hoping to please everyone. I think it was a success. Now, Lenten is not *quite* the same as vegan, as you will see below.

We got to use the big kitchen again! Here’s my red quinoa boiling for quinoa burgers. I thought the deep color might make them look more like real burgers.

N is starting the creamy base for Crab Imperial. Shellfish is allowed on fasting days, so she used the real thing (not the Match Meat stuff I used in mine).

The 20 ramekins I bought on sale at World Market. I need to have a dinner party in the near future.

N had a hard time finding fresh crab (in fact, none could be found), so this is two types of canned crab and also some imitation crab.

We “buttered” the ramekins with Smart Balance, sprinkled some Panko bread crumbs on top and sprayed the crumbs with a little oil to help them brown.

Chick peas, oatmeal, onions & garlic after a round in the food processor.

With the quinoa.

Fresh parsley! Last time I forgot it.

I love all the colors together.

After adding 8 Tbsp flour (this is a quadruple batch).

Now they just need to be seasoned….

Chili powder, cumin, sweet paprika, smoked paprika, pepper, soy sauce, vegan worcestershire and a pinch or three of salt.

Getting the dishes ready. I just grabbed anything I could find, we didn’t end up using all these.

The pies I bought frozen from Horrock’s. My sis worked there and told me when they bake them in the store, they glaze them with apple butter. I brushed them with grape jelly I found in the fridge.

I think it worked just fine.

I also found these mercury glass candle holders at World Market, on clearance and I got an additional 10% off! They came in six colors and I got one of each.

Back to the burgers. I found the perfect size spoon and the perfect size tray to put them on, with parchment paper, and rubber gloves so my hands didn’t get all sticky and gross. It sure made it easier! After I filled the tray with patties, I put it in the fridge and finished setting the table.

Not too shabby.

We had salata (Middle Eastern salad with oil & lemon juice dressing), potato salad (inspired by a recipe in the Vegan Diner cookbook) and a bean salad from Marie Catrib’s. I always wanted glass carafes like those, so I splurged and bought a few from Meijer. I love the way they look on the table.

Shrimp pasta salad with ginger and other Asian-inspired seasonings.

Prepping the burger baskets & buns before I start cooking the burgers.

Finished shrimp pasta.

My first time using the flat top grill – FIFTEEN burgers at once!! Amazing, and so much fun.

Burgers & fries. Not pictured are the really cute diner-style bright red & yellow plastic ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles.

For store bought pie, this was very tasty. We got them apple & cherry, I thought those were the most American flavors : )

Stuffed squash, also from Marie’s. Rice, chick peas, onion & tomato, lots of fresh garlic, a hint of cinnamon. Not sure what else, but it was REALLY good.

A fraction of our mess. It was totally worth it. And if I can have a couple of these flat top grills, I would like to open a little vegan burger joint some day! We both had a lot of fun cooking and feeding the guys, and agreed even the stress was kind of pleasant. And N has promised to teach me to make the tahini cauliflower she made for us a couple Sundays ago.

(You can see a video of the choir HERE)

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