another bean dip

So, last time I made an oil-free bean dip with tahini, but this one I made on a nice OILY day!

Sometimes, like this time, I like to cook down the tomatoes. After sauteing onions in olive oil until they started to become clear, I added the chopped tomatoes…

and fresh garlic. And let it cook down.

My spices: onion powder, smoked paprika, chili powder, dill. Not shown are salt, pepper & cumin.

Plus a nice dose of Frank’s Red House Sauce and a little spoonful of hot & sweet Russian mustard.

It’ll get a little soupy after a while.

I added half a can of refried beans…

and stirred it up.

Then added some chopped red peppers.

I just let it cook a little longer, I didn’t want the peppers to get too soft.

Now all you need are chips.


5 thoughts on “another bean dip

  1. YUM! I love beans and this recipe is right on time! We’ve got tons of fresh tomatoes, onions and peppers from the garden. This would make a great base for a Mexican pizza!

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