around town…random Boston pictures, dinner at Veggie Planet

I think these are the last of my pictures of the Boston area. They’re not in order, but since you weren’t there you can just pretend they are! **Some of these pictures were contributed by C since I forgot my camera. Thank you!!

Look closely…

antique sewing machines! EVERYWHERE.

Interesting mannequins…

One of the gates at Harvard.

Enter to Grow in Wisdom

Depart to Better Serve the Country and Thy Kind

Old Cambridge Baptist Church

I think this is St. John’s Roman Catholic Church, we sat in on the first few minutes of the evening service.

In the basement of the Harvard Book Store.

Our dinner at Veggie Planet, a vegetarian restaurant with lots of vegan options. I don’t remember exactly what we ate anymore… We started with garlic knots, but they were really just breadsticks. It looked like they folded the dough in half and spread the inside with margarine and garlic. Even though they weren’t knots, they were good. I think C had a Thai dish over coconut rice. I had lots of veggies with a tofu mash over brown rice. Then we split a vegan brownie with coconut milk ice cream, but…well…I think they used carob instead of chocolate. We ate it, but we really wished we were eating CHOCOLATE.

Oona’s, Experienced Clothing. It looks like it’s snowing, but that’s just fiber from the Kleenex in my purse, it got all over the lens.

I’m getting brave : ) Trying on a sweet vintage dress. I didn’t end up buying this one, and the one I did get is a going to be hidden away until my annual Christmas party! But I will say this: It will look great with my beehive!

This is Holy Trinity Episcopal Church…

photographed through the glass in this door…

because you have to pay to go inside…

or go up these stairs!

An evening snack with friends after our adventure. I love Greek hospitality!

4 thoughts on “around town…random Boston pictures, dinner at Veggie Planet

  1. If I may be so bold as to inquire, what color is your Christmas dress?

    Great pictures! Makes me want to check out Boston! The picture of the shared snack is truly beautiful.

  2. I barely (or should I say “bearly”? No, I should not say that) noticed the bear head on the mannequin because that DRESS WAS SO AWESOME! Looks fun. You’ll never regret wearing vintage 🙂

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