taza chocolate: Mexican-style stone ground salted almond chocolate

Okay, I told a little white lie – I do have more pictures from my trip! How could I forget about chocolate??? When people find out I’m a vegan, there are many things they assume I cannot partake of. One thing I often hear, from women, is “Ooohh…so you can never eat chocolate?!” Ooohh how wrong you are. There are lots of milk-free chocolates, and I discovered yet another one during our visit to the Harvard Book Store.

Taza Chocolate

Dairy free, it says : )

I wish now I would have splurged and bought a sample pack, or better yet the full size of each flavor.

The Salted Almond flavor is so good, I’m eating just a little at a time to make it last. The texture is an odd combination of grainy and creamy. Grainy when you first take a bite, then creamy as it melts on your tongue. The almond is definitely not very noticeable since it’s ground up, but there’s a hint of the salt and it just makes the chocolate seem that much sweeter.

The wrapper says the chocolate can be used to make traditional Mexican hot chocolate. Should I do it? Or savor the little chocolate chunks one tiny bite at a time???

4 thoughts on “taza chocolate: Mexican-style stone ground salted almond chocolate

  1. I love Taza Chocolate! My favorite is the one with chili peppers. It’s the bomb with a nice amount of heat. More would be better, but that’s just me. Make the hot chocolate and then head over to Global Infusion and get some more!

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