creamy potato pot pie for one, and a tip for carrying your hot little pot!

Okay, now I need to start getting caught up on things I made before the trip. I seem to have misplaced some pictures somewhere, but I found this recipe for potato pot pie that I meant to post quite a while ago. If you are hungry for carbs, this is the recipe for you! Preheat your oven to whatever temp you need to use to bake your biscuit (see below).

I would say this is a medium size potato. I like to leave the skins on, so I gave it a good scrub and then chopped it.

I added what seemed to be an equal portion of onion.

I cooked the onion and potato in margarine until the potatoes began to get soft and the onions clear, and then added fresh garlic, salt & pepper. I found some canned mushrooms in the fridge and decided to add those, too. If I hadn’t been in a rush I would have also added celery, and maybe carrots.

While that was cooking, I whipped up some Bisquick biscuit dough for the topping. I made just enough to cover my casserole, not even 1/4 of the recipe. I preheated my oven to whatever temp it said to bake the biscuits at, I think it was 425.

Now back to my potatoes and things. Once the potatoes were soft, I sprinkled them with about 4-6 tablespoons of flour and stirred to coat.

Then began adding my milk alternative (unsweetened almond, in this case) a little at time. At first it just looks like a creamy sauce….

then it starts to look like cream of potato soup. That’s perfect.

I put it in my little pot,

then covered the mixture with the biscuit dough.

I baked mine for about 20 minutes, then spread some margarine on top and browned it under the broiler.

See how pretty and golden brown?

But how will I get this extremely hot pot to my grandmother’s house for dinner???

I got a clean dish towel and sat the pot in the middle…

pulled one corner over the center,

then folded over the opposite corner…

then used the unfolded corners to tie a nice, tight knot.

And if there weren’t enough carbs in the casserole itself, the side dishes my family prepared for that day’s meal were MORE potatoes, and corn. It wasn’t their fault, they didn’t know I was making a carbalicious pot pie for myself.

It sure was good. I love carbs, I’m not ashamed. We should all indulge once in a while….

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