a night on the town: MORE pizza, delicious carbs, sorbet and ArtPrize

Lately I feel like I really have a life. I spent hours on Monday walking around downtown Grand Rapids with my mom checking out ArtPrize, then went to my voice lesson, then took Jack out for a play date. Last night I went to Brick Road Pizza with The 2nd Most Interesting Man in Moline, then back downtown for more ArtPrize. I don’t think we walked off our dinner, but we tried…and then I ate sorbet. Oh well. It was worth it!

So, we wanted to try the vegan crab cakes at Brick Road which, according to the ingredients shown on the menu, are made of chickpeas and veggies instead of soy. Sadly, we were told those are gone forever and there will be a new menu soon. That was a huge letdown, but we decided to go with the spinach artichoke dip instead.

We weren’t disappointed. Of course it’s probably loaded with soy, and definitely loaded with salt. It sure tasted good, though. And it’s served with yummy garlic bread.

And you have to get the vegan Brick Road sticks. It’s a rule.

I looked at the menu ahead of time and already knew exactly what I wanted on my pizza when we got there…

Two kinds of sauce: traditional and ranch. Then the toppings…

spinach, kalamata olives, roasted garlic, artichokes, fresh basil, red onions and tempeh sausage. Topped with Daiya mozzarella. They do Not skimp on the garlic! They use whole cloves, and I must have found about 15 total on the three leftover slices I ate today. They didn’t skimp on the other toppings, either, although the pizza is not cheap. I guess you get what you pay for and, although it’s not as good as getting a bargain, it’s better than not getting your money’s worth : )

Then we wandered around downtown. I’ve only included a couple of my favorite pictures here, I’ll probably do a whole post on it later. This is a car at the old Public Museum, I really fell in love with it. The picture above shows the view through a bullet hole in the window.

This is a view of the back of the car shot through the driver’s side window. The bottom of the car and the floor around it is covered in salt.
I have a habit of falling in love very easily, and with strange things…sometimes inanimate objects, or people who have long since died – like Abraham Lincoln. But falling in love is a great feeling. I let myself fall in love with this old museum years ago, before I ever stepped one foot inside (it’s usually closed and used for storage because we have a new Public Museum).

The parking lot at The B.O.B. was filled with all kinds of ArtPrize entries, and amongst them we found a Palazzolo’s food truck selling gelato and sorbetto.

I got the Blood Orange sorbet, made with pureed blood orange and blood orange zest, sugar, fruit juice and “vegetable stabilizer,” whatever that is. It was very refreshing after all the way-too-much (according to certain health standards, not mine) sodium in our dinner. And actually, looking at the container now, it only had 160 calories. Maybe I did walk it off!!! Almost. That’s what I’ll tell myself.

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