hippie stuffed black bean & lentil burger at Stella’s, with poor man’s potato wings

Well, I went back to ArtPrize for the third time this week, and I *still* haven’t seen everything! I wish I could go back this weekend, but I think that’s it for me. Unless I can sneak back to the old Public Museum one last time….
Anyway. After N and I walked around for a few hours, and got sprinkled on a couple times, we decided to get something to eat. I’ve been wanting Stella’s Poor Man’s Potato Wings for a while, and N had never been to Stella’s. So we went.

It was PACKED – not nice and (somewhat) quiet like it was on my birthday. I’m guessing ArtPrize had something to do with that, but maybe Thursday is just a better night than Tuesday in general. And by better I mean better for the restaurant. For us, that meant a long wait, and music that was turned up louder and louder every time a new group walked through the door. I am such an old lady, I got a headache.

I didn’t let that slow me down, though – I was hungry!

I started with the Poor Man’s Potato wings with golden BBQ sauce, celery & vegan ranch on the side. Once again, the crispy skins on the potatoes were amazing. And the serving really is big enough for you to eat these as a meal, assuming you can keep everyone else away. But I need to keep my womanly figure, so…

I also ordered the Hippie Stuffed Black Bean & Lentil burger (N had the same). It tasted a lot like falafel, in other words, delicious. The seasoned Chronic Fries are the perfect compliment.

I was so full, but the food was SO good it took all my strength to put my fork down and ask our waitress for a box. Of course I have already eaten the leftovers.

And tonight’s ArtPrize gem:

7 thoughts on “hippie stuffed black bean & lentil burger at Stella’s, with poor man’s potato wings

    • Well, that’s the funny part. According to the menu (which I didn’t really bother to read before ordering, just looked for the V), it was stuffed with tempeh bacon and pesto. But…I didn’t actually notice it! I think there might have also been an onion ring in there, but I couldn’t tell!

  1. The food was very Delicious !!! and what make it more deliciouse…
    after walking couples of hours for amazing ArtPrize …we were very Hungrey .

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