Syrian Kidney Bean Salad with Syrian Bread

I feel bad I’ve been going out to eat so much, I’m not really posting many recipes lately! I did have Syrian kidney bean salad earlier this week, though – my dad made it, and I tried to quickly snap some pictures. He doesn’t quite get how a food blog works: “Why would you want a picture of that? Who wants to see me cutting onions?? Why wouldn’t you just wait until it’s finished????”

Anyway. He’s starting to come around. And I can’t complain – he has to put up with so much from me, yet he will still make me a nice vegan dinner : ) Here it is:

Three cans of kidney beans (the 1st can was completely drained, half the juice was drained from the 2nd can, and the third was not drained at all) with olive oil, lemon juice and salt. That’s all the seasoning you’ll need, and it’s all to taste. We prefer lots of lemon and salt! But don’t skimp on the oil, either – remember, fat is what helps spread the flavor!

Onions, finely chopped. Again, to taste.

Tear up as much lettuce as you’d like.

After you mix in the lettuce, taste the salad again. You may need to season it a bit more. You can eat it right away while the lettuce is crisp, but we prefer to let ours wilt a little. Because of the lemon & salt, it only takes about 10 – 15 minutes in the fridge for the lettuce to get soft and you’ll have lots of yummy juice in the bottom of the bowl. That’s important.

Behold: Syrian bread. I’ll show you how to make it someday, hopefully soon, but these loaves are from Tete. It’s just flour, salt, yeast & water. There are a few ways to eat the kidney bean salad with Syrian bread. You can tear a triangular piece off the loaf, open it and make a sandwich (it’s not a pocket like pita bread, though). You can tear off a small piece and use it to scoop the salad up. My favorite way is the least messy…

I tear the bread into bite size pieces and put them in the bottom of my bowl,

then spoon the salad, and lots of juice from the bottom of the bowl, over the bread

like this.

Then I let all that juice soak into the bread.

After a couple minutes, I mix it all up. See how nice and wilted that lettuce looks? I LOVE that.

Sometimes we eat it with pan fried potatoes or fries. Both are good with the salad, but fries are my favorite because they, like the bread, soak up all that juice. Either way, and even without potatoes of any kind, this is one of my favorite salads. Thanks, dad!

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  1. I’m Syrian, and I haven’t seen this dish before, but I’m not very well versed with all the dishes out there that’re Syrian… It reminds me of a dish we call ful mdammas 🙂 It’s vegan, too, I think you would like it 🙂

    • That’s funny, I scoured the internet and I couldn’t find a similar recipe! I’ll have to ask my family if this is a traditional recipe, or something my grandmother made up and so we call it Syrian 🙂 I’ll have to look through your recipes!

  2. This is definitely one of my faves too! Your great tete used to make this too. Very yummy! I love the idea of tearing up the bread and putting it in the bottom of the bowl. I’ll be making this real soon!

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