I claim another #1 spot!

Well, according to my stats page, someone found me by googling “mashed up avocado has stringy bits in it”. Ya know why they found me? Because I am NUMBER ONE for that search term*! Not random at all…. I’m sure my blog will be taking off any second now.

I think I will celebrate tonight by attending a sushi party. So, if I’m out late, you’ll get a new blog post tomorrow!

My Other Number One!

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  1. So, just for the fun of it, I did a Google search for “vegan mac n cheese, and…skulls!!” … and guess what the #1 item was?! … and the same for “mac n cheese, and…skulls!!” … and the same for “cheese, and…skulls!!” Just thought I’d add to the excitement. Pretty cool that if anyone has a hankerin’ for cheese (whether just plain, vegan, or with macaroni) and a penchant for skulls, they’ll find you!

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