Little Africa, wine tasting & ice cream parties!!

This has been a good weekend for eating. As I have said, I often forget to take pictures when I’m out and about having a good time, or feel a little odd if I’m the only one taking pictures. So, this whole weekend of Ethiopian food, wine tasting & an ice cream party amounts to just one post. One glorious post.

First, I will show you around Little Africa on Fulton Street near downtown Grand Rapids. I know I’ve already posted pictures of the food a couple times, but now you can see the restaurant.

I snuck in for takeout before the wine tasting Friday night, right after work before the dinner crowd arrived.

These are the takeout boxes exactly as they were when I got home…notice someone has been eating out of one of them. Well, let me tell you…the downside to Ethiopian food is it’s so messy and hard to eat with one hand while you’re driving! But I managed. I basically got enough food for three people, so I ate before and after the wine tasting, and then had the rest for breakfast the next day. I used the leftover injera to make a huge batch of what I guess is basically ferfer, or a kind of injera porridge.

Then I went to my church’s annual Wine Tasting fundraiser. There are wines to sample from around the world, gourmet hors d’oeuvres, live & silent auctions and live music.

Caught this couple dancing…

I didn’t sample enough wine to feel like joining them.

Here’s the spread. For vegans, they had hummus & pita, olives, marinated artichokes and various grilled veggies.

I know nothing about wine, so I just look for interesting labels.

The event was right at the church, and I love how our church looks at night. Since I didn’t get many food pictures, here are a few shots of the church.

These are the stained glass windows in the chapel, lit up by the light in the church.

The dome

I like the reflection in the windows…

View into the sanctuary, peeking through the royal doors.

And…onto the ice cream party.

Z & Fr. R’s oldest daughter turned three this month, and they celebrated with an ice cream party with all the toppings.

Z bought So Delicious coconut milk ice cream for me and the other vegan, and I added peanuts & sprinkles to mine – and, of course, a cherry on top! I’m kicking myself for not bringing the vegan chocolate syrup I have in the fridge, I don’t get many opportunities to use it. I should just squirt it in my mouth…anyway, maybe it’s for the best I left it at home.

I still have some catching up to do. I found some pictures from before I went to Boston that still need to be posted. And I have a couple new recipe ideas I want to try, I’m pretty excited.

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    • Come visit us!!! Although my friend who threw the ice cream party is the same friend I’m visiting in Austin now, but I bet she’d come back just to throw another awesome party.

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