stupid wisdom tooth :(

I am going to blame my lack of posts lately on my wisdom tooth…I have an infection in my mouth thanks to this little guy, and on top of that I got a cold. Plus last night my throat hurt so bad that it was hard for me to swallow, so I stayed up until 3am because I was afraid I might choke and die in sleep. So…I’m kind of tired. I am posting my goal here so you all can hold me accountable: My plan is to take a much needed nap, then catch up on my blogging. Feel free to ridicule me if I don’t come through!

0 thoughts on “stupid wisdom tooth :(

  1. Sorry you’re having a rough time with your wisdom tooth! That’s no fun at all. If you’re taking any kind of antibiotic please be sure to take some probiotics along with it. You can make your own; rejuvelac, kim chi, sauerkraut or other fermented foods or pick some up. Bubbies makes really great tasting raw sauerkraut and fermented pickles. Feel better soon! Luv, Mumra

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