blackened brussels sprouts, loaded potatoes…and more ice cream

I’m not going to say much more about the last few days, except that they didn’t really make for a great time to cook. I did do a *little* cooking though, and also ate plenty of ICE CREAM! And I had a great excuse for doing so. Plus, Z texted me Saturday night to say she still had toppings leftover from the ice cream party. I stopped on my way to her house to pick up some coconut milk ice cream, and grabbed a couple other toppings while I was at the store.

I wanted to make a meal of my sundae since it was practically the only food I’d eaten all day.

It contains a layer of sliced banana, a scoop of cookie dough ice cream, peanut butter chocolate Magic Shell, more sliced bananas, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter syrup, strawberry jelly and little tiny bits of peanut. Next time I’d just stick to two layers of the top combo, or better yet, blend up some frozen banana and skip the ice cream altogether. It sure was good, though.

Sunday my dad cooked on the grill for himself (and the dog) and I was in charge of baked potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Doesn’t sound too glamorous, I know, but trust me – it was good. Of course before we start cooking on Sunday, we have a little family tradition:

Southern Comfort is the family drink. I remember my dad and uncle drinking a few shots together while they cooked dinner on the grill together, or while Tete cooked, or while anyone cooked, as long as it was a Sunday (or some other special occasion). Slowly my cousins and siblings and I were initiated into the custom (except maybe my sister? It’s not really her thing, but my BIL makes up for it).

Anyway, now we can relax and enjoy our time in the kitchen.

Brussels sprouts, cut in half, cooking in Smart Balance with a little olive oil.

Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic. That’s it.

Cooked until each side is nice and blackened.

You probably don’t need to see pictures of our potatoes baking, so I’ll skip right to the toppings:

I sauteed the onions in olive oil with salt and pepper until they became soft, then added the green bell pepper and fresh garlic and let the veggies brown. Then I turned off the heat and added the tomato, mixed it in and let it sit over the still-warm burner (electric stove) to heat it and let it get a little soft without falling apart.

The potato is hiding under the veggies…

I always mash my baked potato with my fork, I love mashed potatoes. I just added a little margarine, and salt, pepper and garlic. But it’s a Klondike Rose so it doesn’t need much seasoning at all. In fact, I have another recipe using Klondike Rose potatoes that I’ll share in the near future, it is very simple. Do you have a favorite potato??

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  1. Mm that ice cream looks yummy even though it sounds a bit too sweet for my taste. I think i will make my own now. Its been a long time since i eat ice cream. And i like brussel sprouts. But i like them steamed. They are fun to eat.

  2. Yukon Gold is my favorite, either as homegrown new potatoes, fresh from the garden or organic from the store. Fingerlings are a close second. I’ve never heard of Klondike Rose, where did you find them?

    I use the same toppings for my potatoes as you do, only in raw form with a bit of fresh hot pepper. Love merging cooked with raw. . . delish!

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