quick raw spring rolls with simple, oil free sesame (tahini) dipping sauce

I had a meeting tonight at church, so I needed a quick dinner – no time to cook! And it’s been a while since I posted an oil free recipe. I’ve had a package of spring roll wrappers in the cupboard for several months…maybe a year??? I decided to crack it open.

For the filling: Romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, green onion, fresh garlic, dry roasted walnuts (a seasoned kind, I forget the brand).
Now, let me start off by saying I really thought this would be enough stuff for two spring rolls, and I *did* make two spring rolls, but…they were on the small side. Now, that turned out not to be such a bad thing, I’ll get to that later. But you might want more filling than this.
Oh yeah, and in the bowl is the dipping sauce. It’s made of tahini, soy sauce, a little water, a few pinches of chia seeds (just because), garlic powder, onion powder & chipotle powder with a little maple syrup. Had I known I’d be eating these tonight, I would’ve picked up some ginger. Oh well.

Self explanatory.

Now, the wrappers – or, er, “skins” are hard and need to be soaked in very warm water. I heated this large bowl of water in the microwave for about 2 minutes.
These skins are very delicate, both in the hard and soft state. If a little piece breaks off, or if you get a *little* tear in it when it’s wet, it’s not a big deal.

You should see the wrapper start to curl as soon as it hits the water, but you’ll need to push it under and hold it a second or two or three to get it to soften all the way. IMPORTANT: Only do ONE at a time!!! They’re very sticky. Try not to let it fold over on itself.

When it looks very fluid, moving with the water, it’s ready to go. *Very* carefully, using both hands, lift it out of the water and let the excess water drain off.

Lay it out flat on your work surface – I just used my dinner plate.

Add your filling. Near the middle is fine. If you want it to be way more aesthetically pleasing than mine turned out, mix all the stuff together before you pile it in. I did layers, and you’ll see in a moment it ended up looking a little weird.
I put some of the sauce on the filling to kind of help stick things together.

I’m skipping to the 2nd one now so you can see how I arranged both. What not to do.

So, this is basically like a sticky burrito. Very carefully lift one side and fold it over the filling. It might stick to the work surface a little, so be gentle.

Now fold in the top and bottom, then the other side.

The one that’s all lettuce on top looks like it has a spine.

Oh, so I was going to mention why it didn’t bother me not having much filling in each spring roll. Well, it’s because I’ve always found the lack of fat in a spring roll rather unsatisfying, but these skinny minnies with a fair a mount of the sauce really hit the spot.

That is exactly what I’m talking about!

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