a look at my cookbooks

I have been meaning to start posting things from my cookbook collection for a long time. I have a fairly large collection, but since I don’t usually use them for the actual recipes (more for reference) I figured I should find another use for them. Like featuring them here on the blog.

First up is The Gold Cook Book by Louis P. De Gouy.

I was probably drawn to this one by the sheer size of it, it’s about as thick as the Bible and the pages are nearly as thin. Not only that…

there is nothing frilly about it, no pictures to get in the way –

just recipe upon recipe, encyclopedia-style, for more than 1000 pages. The number in the brackets there, 2462, denotes the number of the recipe. In other words, this last recipe is the 2462nd recipe in the book!
The other thing I like about this book is the poems and bits of history offered throughout. For example, recipe #92 for Shandygaff:

‘This is another very interesting summer drink, popular in India, all over Asia, and in England. It is made by pouring a pint of light beer and a pint of ginger ale into a pitcher together, then pour into glasses immediately. Of course, both bottles must have been well chilled.

For what this house affords us,
Come, praise the brewer most-
Who caught into a bottle
The barley’s gentle ghost
Until our parching throttles
In silence we employ
Like geese that drink a mouthful
Then stretch their necks with joy!
-Higgins, “Grace Before Beer”

Next is a cookbook I recently picked up at my church’s 2nd Best Sale, pretty much useless to try to use as an actual cookbook.

All the recipes, and accompanying pictures, were submitted by students in a certain elementary school. It’s really cute!

“Pretty soon it will come popping right out. Eat it when the news comes on.”

This one is my favorite. It needs no explanation – click the picture to enlarge it if you can’t read the text. It’s worth it : ) **I forgot to mention this when I posted this last night – The dad reminds me of Tom Waits! Not just the picture, but this interview where he mentions a visit to the dump. Maybe this kid’s dad is Tom Waits.

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