Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce, with Chickpeas

Okay, this is my last butternut squash recipe for a while. I didn’t use all of it up in my 2nd recipe, so earlier this week I made a nice butternut squash sauce with chickpeas.

I started by sauteing the chickpeas in olive oil with onions, fresh garlic, salt, pepper and basil.

Once the chickpeas started to get a little color, I added the squash…

then a little tahini – where there are chickpeas, tahini is sure to follow! I wanted to add a little fat, and make it creamy. I also added a bit of water to thin it down to just the right consistency (you decide how thick you want it).

The tahini being a little bitter, I added a couple teaspoons of marmite to offset it with the salty sweetness.

Boiling some angel hair pasta in the meanwhile…

After thoroughly draining the pasta, I added it right to the sauce,

stirred it in, and let it cook a while longer on low so the pasta could absorb some of the flavor.

The orange-yellow color was quite lovely and fall-like.

The little green, spring-like specks of basil remind me the cold weather won’t last forever! Served hot, this is a very satisfying dish on a chilly night. Enjoy : )

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