easy side dish: extra lemony kidney beans & corn

For Sunday dinner at Tete’s yesterday, the main course was pot roast. The side dishes were mashed potatoes and salata (Syrian salad), both made vegan, so I just needed a little something to go with it. Or I guess I needed a main course, but I didn’t feel like bothering. I decided instead to make something to go with the potatoes: kidney beans & corn, with LOTS of lemon juice.

So, I just started out by sauteing onions and garlic in olive oil. Then I drained a can of kidney beans, rinsed the beans a couple times, and added them to the pan with one can of drained sweet corn. I seasoned them with salt, parsley and LOTS of lemon juice.

After letting them cook for about 15 to 20 minutes, I added a couple tablespoons of flour along with some water and made a kind of lemony gravy/sauce.

Oh yeah, I also steamed a little broccoli, just enough to fill my plate.

Smart Balance, salt, pepper & garlic in the mashed potatoes. The beans soaked up the lemon flavor, and that with corn, all mixed in with the potatoes, was awesome. Together with the broccoli was pretty good, too.

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