salsitas & short’s brew…spicy tortilla chips & beer pancake brunch

Last Saturday I decided to experiment with some random ingredients I had around the house…a little snack size bag of Salsitas – spicy, salsa flavored tortilla chips – and Short’s Brew Soft Parade, a fruity summer beer that’s been sitting around far too long. I keep saying I’m going to make my pancakes from scratch, but I also have a box of Bisquick to use up. So here goes…

The ingredients: minced onion & green pepper, Salsitas, Short’s Brew (or any beer you like) and Bisquick.

Use the amount of Bisquick recommended on the box. Add your minced veggies, use the beer to replace the milk in the recipe. I also added 2 Tbsp of vegetable oil to offset the heart healthiness of the “Heart Healthy” version of the mix I was using. I used a whisk to mix everything together, but things kept getting stuck in it. Suggestion: Use a spoon. Either way, be careful not to over mix.
Get your pan ready so it will be hot and ready to use as soon as you’ve mixed your chips in, so the chips won’t get soggy.

You know those chips I just mentioned? Crush them to bits while the bag is still sealed. Then open the bag. Then dump the crushed chips into the batter. Then stir just enough to incorporate.

I like to make small pancakes, but you can do whatever size you’d like. Just cook them according to the instructions on the Bisquick box, although they might take a little longer with the added ingredients.

Let them get nice and brown on each side.

These had a great color. The chips already have a great flavor, but the added onions and green pepper really make it pop. The beer did two things: the pancakes really puffed up! And. They were slightly on the bitter side. Don’t worry, I found a solution…

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. This what quite a brunch for me, I don’t usually have hot sauce or a beer with my first meal of the day. I kind of liked it.
Oh, I almost forgot. For my last pancake (the big one) I sprinkled French fried onions on it. I don’t think you can ever have too many onions, and it makes me think maybe next time caramelized onions would be a good addition.

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  1. That’s sounds awesome! Let’s make them at grandma’s house and some spinach pies too!

    I think guacamole would have been the bomb on those pancakes and definitely caramelized onions along with fresh chopped onions on top of the guac!

    • I don’t think we’ll have time for spinach pies 🙁 But I’m supposed to make some for Thanksgiving, so I’ll try to make a big batch and save some for you! But we’ll do some experimenting at grandma’s, I’m sure.

      Guac would definitely be great with them, and make the meal super filling!

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